Founded in 1999, the Historic Tennis Club Neighborhood (HTCN) community is located immediately adjacent to the downtown commercial area of Palm Springs and includes many architectural significant properties.

Complimenting the 240 single-family residences within the HTCN community, there are numerous condominium and apartment  properties and over 25 small, highly personable petite hotels. These hotels attract a large number of loyal, continuing customers to their facilities contributing to the economy of the Palm Springs commercial businesses.

The HTCN area is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Palm Springs; it has one of the first churches built in the area, located on Baristo Road adjacent to the Orchid Tree Hotel. Both of these facilities opened their doors in 1936. Pioneer Pearl McCallum McManus settled in the area and developed the Palm Springs Tennis Club in 1940. This facility brought world-class tennis to the Desert.

Overall there are eleven structures located within the HTC boundaries that are found in the historic registry. This area truly captures the magical essence of old Palm Springs providing pedestrians with the opportunity to step back in time.

HTCNO Boundaries

The Historic Tennis Club Neighborhood Organization (HTCNO) area is bordered on the north by Tahquitz Canyon including Palisades Drive, on the east by Belardo, on the south by Sunny Dunes including houses on La Mirada, Camino Calidad, Fern Canyon and Camino Parocela, the Canyon Gate development and on the west by the mountains.

HTNCO is a member of the Palm Springs Office of Neighborhood Involvement.

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Paid members will receive a discount on fall, winter, and spring parties. Send your checks to HTCNO 611 South Palm Canyon Drive, Box 7220, Palm Springs, CA 92264.  

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Emergency Communication

Police Fire Emergency 911
PS Police - Non Emergency 323-8116
PS Police - Dispatch 327-1441
PS Police - On Duty Supervisor 323-8119

Graffiti Hotline - 778-8469
Desert Water Agency - 323-4971
PS Disposal - 327-1351
SO Cal Gas - 800-427-2200
Edison - 800-684-8123
Verizon - 800-483-4000
Time Warner - 340-2225
Desert Sun - 800-834-6052

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By HTCNO 12 Jul, 2016
By HTCNO 12 Jul, 2016
Dear Neighbors,

The Historic Tennis Club Neighborhood Organization (HTCNO) Board of Directors wants to make sure you all are aware of the “E- Notification” service that the City of Palm Springs operates from the City’s website. Once you sign up for E-Notification and choose the particular groups you wish to be notified about, you will receive emails from the City.

For example, if you are interested in the City Council, Planning Commission, Architectural Advisory Commission and Historic Site Preservation Board and you check the boxes to receive E-Notification for those groups your will receive by email the agendas for those groups before the groups meet. The emailed agendas include hyperlinks to staff reports and other documents related to the agenda items.

It is an easy, timely and effective way to stay up on what is happening in your city government.

To sign up for E-Notification go to the City’s website at

At the top of the home page, just to the right-of-center is the “E-NOTIFICATION” link. Click on that link. You will now be on the notification page. Follow the directions and start receiving important and timely information about your government, its operations and agenda items important to you.

Regards, HTCNO Board of Directors

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