City's E-Notification

  • By HTCNO
  • 12 Jul, 2016
Dear Neighbors,

The Historic Tennis Club Neighborhood Organization (HTCNO) Board of Directors wants to make sure you all are aware of the “E- Notification” service that the City of Palm Springs operates from the City’s website. Once you sign up for E-Notification and choose the particular groups you wish to be notified about, you will receive emails from the City.

For example, if you are interested in the City Council, Planning Commission, Architectural Advisory Commission and Historic Site Preservation Board and you check the boxes to receive E-Notification for those groups your will receive by email the agendas for those groups before the groups meet. The emailed agendas include hyperlinks to staff reports and other documents related to the agenda items.

It is an easy, timely and effective way to stay up on what is happening in your city government.

To sign up for E-Notification go to the City’s website at

At the top of the home page, just to the right-of-center is the “E-NOTIFICATION” link. Click on that link. You will now be on the notification page. Follow the directions and start receiving important and timely information about your government, its operations and agenda items important to you.

Regards, HTCNO Board of Directors

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